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ELECTROSHOCK RECORDS Friday, March 23, 2001

Recently in the UK all that we have heard is negative reports of the nasty people that one can meet on the Internet. Well let me tell you about a really good person that I have met. He is Russian, thirty-five years old, and produces the most amazing music. His name is Artemiy Artemiev (try saying that after a few drinks!)

Artemiy is a composer whose style encompasses electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music.

Artemiy's career in music first started in 1987 when he played keyboards for various Moscow rock groups. But after a couple of years he quit rock music to experiment with sound, synthesisers, samplers and computers.

Why the drastic change? Well look no further than his father Edward, who has been credited as being the pioneer of electronic music in Russia. Edward has composed various works of chamber music, but he made his name for his work in cinematography and obviously passed on his knowledge and experience to his son.

To date Artemiy has composed the scores for more than fifty Russian films as well as five documentaries, three theatre plays, two soap operas, a radio play and loads of TV programs. And here was me thinking that he was a new kid on the block!

Recently Artemiy sent me virtually the whole catalogue from his record label Electroshock records and what a refreshing change this music is! It is hard to describe, some say it is new age, others say modern classical, but everyone who I have played the music to has been very impressed and have described it as wonderful. However the music is described, it is very forward thinking and extremely relaxing. "Good chilling music" is how a certain bass player described it, how right he is!

The bass player concerned is Ian McDonald of Elektrum. I recently sent him a copy of Artemiy's "Space Icon" which features Peter Frohmader on guitar. The title track of the album is a little similar to the work of Elektrum; the group were wowed by the CD and sent a copy of their own work to Artemiy. Artemiy was knocked out with Elektrum's CD and enquired about a collaboration with them, of course Elektrum agreed!

At present Artimey is laying down various tracks on DAT, which he is going to send to the group before he departs to present his music to the Dutch in Amsterdam in April. Elektrum will add there work to it send it back to Russia, where Artemiy will mix the two styles then present it on CD.

Everyone who has listened to the music of Artemiy Artemiev has been greatly impressed, I suggest that you take a look for yourself by visiting


Computer: - Pentium 600 MHz, 128 RAM.
Sound card: - Sonorus "STUDI-O".
MIDI interface: - Voyetra "V24SM".
MIDI patch bay: - Ensoniq "KMX-8".
Software: - Steinberg Cubase Score VST-Ver. 5.0; Steinberg WaveLab -Ver. 3.02.
Synchronizers: - JLCooper Electronics "DataSYNC2"; Alesis "AI-2".
Synthesisers: Roland "JD-800"; Roland "XP-50"; Roland "MC-202". Alesis "Quadrasynth". Ensoniq "SQ-80". Clavia "Nord Modular".
Sampler: - Ensoniq "EPS" with 4x memory expander & 8-output expander.
Rhythm machines: - Roland "R-8"; Korg "DDM-220".
Microphones: - Shure "BETA 58".
Sound processors: Alesis "Midiverb"; Alesis "Midifex"; Yamaha REV-7; Yamaha REV-500; Yamaha SPX-990 & Yamaha SPX-90II; Digitech "DSP 16"; Ensoniq "DP/4".
Equalizer: - Studiotone 32x2 professional studio equalizer.
Mixer desk: - Yamaha RM 2408.
Monitors: - Alesis "Monitor One".
Digital recorders: Alesis ADAT (2 units); Fostex D-5 digital master recorder (DAT); Casio DAT DA R-100; Pioneer Compact Disk Recorder PDR-509.
Other equipment: AKAI ME 25S midi programmable note separator; Fostex Compressor-Limiter 3070; Roland SBX-10 (sync box/converter).

If you wish to know more about Elecroshock music or Artemiy Artemiev contact me at: Trevor Knightsmith ("The Chicago Music Network")


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