Hello A.A.
it's j. citizen here from Blatant Propaganda - a small electronica label and zine in Australia. I recently received a package of CDs from you. They're terrific. We love them. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I have misplaced the note you attached with them and hence, your e-mail address (I can't see it listed on the CDs!) Anyway, via e-mail I was just going to say how much we like the music and that we'll review them as soon as we can... we've got a lot of CDs in the pile to do, but we'll do some of yours early on.

PS - I also do several shows on local community radio 2XX98.3 FM in Canberra. Unfortunately my present specialist programs don't cater for international ambient music, but there are shows that do and I will bring your CDs to their attention. I'm sure they'll love them too.
all the best,
j. citizen

Dear Artemiy Artemiev!
Thank you very much for the cds.I will talk some labels about distribution your cds in Turkey. I saw a review on your album at Motion web - magazine and then came to your web site.I will let you know when i get the cds.Thank you again.
Yours truly
tayfun aras

Dear Artemiy Artemiev! Hello again.I'm very thankful about your response.I'm interested in Russian culture,espeacially music and cinema.So I grow up with Tarkovski's movie and your father's perfect music.Now I'm very happy with your e-mail.In Turkey a lot of people wants to listen Russian modern music. There's a label in İstanbul, Turkey called Kod Müzik. I was working with them as a partner of the company. Kod Müzik is distributing the labels;Warp, Reflex, Mute, Domino, Rykodisc, All Saints Records, Ninja Tune, Nuphonic,Bungalow, Good Looking, Mille Plateaux and Matador etc. Their web site's adress is I'll give your albums to Kod Muzik,after listening them.... Thank you very much again and i hope, our communication will go on.
P.S. adress is correct!
All the best!
tayfun aras

Hello! We have a web-site called Yeni Muzik ( here in Istanbul,Turkey.We also have a radio show on electronic and world music at Acık Radyo. We want to give place to music from all around the world on our web-site and the radio show .Could you send us information and promo cds of your albums please?. Those are impossible to find for us in Istanbul.
Kind Regards
Tayfun Aras / Yeni Muzik

Congratulations !
This is a very clear and informative website with lots of useful information and links.
My very best wishes to Artemiy !

Dear Edward,
Congratulations on your continued success. Thanks for mentioning the Res Musica International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Baltimore. We greatly enjoyed performing your music and having you come to participate.
Best regards, Vivian (Vickie)

Hi! If you send me some of your CDs I will review them at my reviewing site:
Sonoloco Record Reviews:
Thank you!
Ingvar Loco Nordin

Hello! Good luck with your project. I am a electroacoustic composer (maybe you know my work?), and my original teacher was Vladimir Ussachevsky. My electronic opera Apocalypse is recorded on CRI records, which has also recorded other electronic works of mine. Other compositions of mine are recorded on New World and Opus One Records. My website is
Alice Shields

If you would like to send any of your electroacoustic recordings for review consideration in Computer Music Journal, please use the mailing address below. Thanks very much.
Jim Harley, Associate Editor Computer Music Journal

I am a Mexican electroacustic composer and I would like to ask you if you are interested in receiving new material for possible future CD relases. I like your label and I am loooking for somebody interested in promoting mu music. I have a few pieces commercially available and also a full length CD with my pieces. Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you some of my work, or please listen to it through my web site at:
I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Rodrigo Sigal

Hi Electroshock,
I found your site through an e-mail from Martin Fumarola. We (Digital Music Archives) have a similar site to yours in that we are promoting electro-acoustic music in the UK.
I liked your site a lot, and wondered whether you would be interested in any links or other co-operation between us.
Best wishes,
Richard Gonski
director digital Music Archives

I compose electronic music; I was just curious.

Hi Artemiy,
Just checked your web site to see if the it was active yet, and what a surprise I had. Very impressive indeed. Congratulations!
One observation - the photos took a very long time to download, I think you might find they need to be optimised and the file size shrunk to make them faster.
Keep well - will email you soon.
John @ The Borderland

Tell Artemiy hello from Dwight Loop and Earwaves.
My new has music streaming from him on it!!!
I love Electroshock and didn't know there was a website.
Great one.
Tell him to continue to send. I have not replied on his latest releases he mailed me from Russia.
Thanks. Dwight

Hello Artemiy,
Thanks for referring me to your site.
It's a real pleasure to listen your father's "Waltz for Maria" while driving streets of night Los Angeles.
Love his music and hope to get familiar with yours.
Anna Korsun

I am a great fan of Artemiev's music and Tarkovsky's films.
I've been listening to nothing else on my stereo ever since. It is fantastic!
Tell Mr. Artemiev I greatly admire his music and that it is absolutely wonderful. I'm going to play his music for all my friends and family here in the states. Who knows, maybe you'll have MORE people bugging you to buy the CD too!
Take care and thanks again!
Todd Buckingham

I am so happy to see your new, professional website. I love it!!
Canary Burton

What's going on bullshivic friend? Scrim is in the U.S.S. feel me sailing the 7 seas with my friend big tuna. Together we run 128autopsey radio which is ever expanding in the U.S. We are not quite as well known as Howard Stern but are gaining ground. We would love some promo info on you guys. Scrim says if ya gonna leave the house always take your dramamine. Last time I puked for 9 staight days in the Atlantic while on a gigantic squid hunt.
Captain Scrim

Congrats. Lots to read - I'll do it over xmas, when I will finally have some breathing space and also plan to watch Stalker! I have curated a sound exhibition called TRANSIENCE coming up at Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland, for 2 months from Feb 1, 2001. They should have some info on their website about it soon:
John Wynne

Hello Mr. Artemiev,
We've just received your package of five CD's here at CFUV Radio in Victoria, BC, Canada. Thank you so much. We are a small but, certainly, growing population of electroacoustic music lovers here in Victoria. We have a number of programmes at the station that feature electroacoustics and avant garde music. We are all big fans of yourself and artists on your label. Congradulations and thanks again,
Louise Bradbury.

Greetings. Your site looks fine. Just received your 5 new CDs. I'll listen to them over the Holidays and will write more fully then but I wanted you to know that they arrived safely. I also received 3 disks last winter which I'm sure I acknowledged although you apparently didn't get my letter. I'll write later after I've had a chance to hear your new releases.
All best wishes,
Charles Bestor

Hello A. A:)
I just found your site in the new music power links. I am a German artist, play in 3 different projects electronic music. So when you are interested on some very strange experimental pieces, shall you visit my website: there you will find some mp3 from 2 of my projects, and some art-work, I did the last years. But when you like the music, write me a small note. .. this is not music for the masses or for the mainstream, this would never be like this, but check it out. unfortunately I can"t hear some of you music, but I've checked some other sides, may you have some music-files there...Greetings from Germany..
Tri Phase

Hallo Artemij,
Thanks for very nice surprise - 5CDS. I like very much music and graphic. Very good work. I will present them in my radio program. What about our project? Last week I send you my CD-R. Mery Chrismas and Happy New Year!
Miroslaw Rajkowski

Dear Artemiy. It is from your "Five Mystery Tales of Asia" that I hear your wonderful music. I have all the VI volume of the electroacoustic series and recently I bought Stanislav Kreitchi's "ANSiana" CD and I found it incredible. I would like to know more about the Russian electronic scene and above all about the ANS synthesizer. If it is possible send me a photo of it.
Have a nice 2001 to you, to the great Edward and to you wonderful Electroshock label.
Gabriele Quirici

Hello! My name is James Nelms. I write for Sonicspace magazine - a music magazine in the Baltimore, MD area. We cover all genres psychedelic/experimental/"Kraut". We have a reading audience of approximately 10,000. I would like to review Edward Artemiev's "Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker" for our March edition. I was wondering if you had promotional copies that I may review.
I have been writing about music for the past 10 years. I would be happy to send you reviews/articles from my portfolio, and/or the review once it has been published. Any response to my request would be much appreciated. Most sincerely,
James Nelms

I am a radio producer and host of two "new age" programs. I'm responding to an invitation to consider this music for airplay. After reading the information on your very well done website, I am quite anxious to hear your repertoire. I look forward to being more involved with the musicians and their creations in the future. Cindy James, Producer and Host of "Sunday Interlude" and "Music Interlude" on KRSC in Tulsa, OK. We reach a large portion of northeast Oklahoma. Also on the internet at, follow the links to the programming schedule and radio streaming.
Cindy James.

Thanks for the contact. I'm looking forward to listening and using your musics on my radio program.
Michael L. Brown ("WPNE").

Thank You for new CDs ! Great work...Very good website. All the best !
Lukasz Szalankiewicz

Yesterday bought "Forgotten Themes" and "Mysticism of Sound" by Artemiy Artemiev. Cool! Great! Terrific! What a music!!!! Tomorrow will order all previous CDs of this great musician. Tell Artemiy I impressed. He is the best!!!! And by the way you have a cool site!
Wade Hatchel.

Artemiy, want to thank you for your music I heard it in my car while drying to San Franciso. It was broadcasted by one of our local FM stations. Great music. I'm a classical music lover and I must confess that I don't like electronic music at all but this touched me so deeply that made me ordered your CDs via your American distributor. I ordered all. You are a very talented person. Good luck to you and thank you for your music.
Tom Richman

Dear Mr. Artemiy Artemiev. I heard you music over the radio several days ago and was amazed. Ordered "Point of Intersection", "Five Mystery Tales of Asia" and "Forgotten Themes". Hope to receive them within next three days. I have a personal ask to you. Would you please be so kind as to sign CD-booklets for me? I became a real fan of your music. I promise to order all CDs with your brilliant works till the end of February and propagandize your activity among my friends. I'm sure they'll order your CDs.
Robert De Loroshe

It looks like "Electroshock" and Artemiy Artemiev won our unlucky president race. Tell Artemiy I was listening to his music over LA radio during past two weeks (every day!!!) and I'm not tired of it. Believe it or not but I bought his two CDs ("Cold" and "Forgotten Themes") and I don't think that it was the last purchase of his CDs. I'll order more soon.
Richard Rilly

A friend of mine from UK *(Trevor Knightsmith) told me about your company. I am interesting in making contacts with you. I am a manager of bulgarian world music and new-age band "Lot Lorien"
Hope to hear you soon.
Iasen Kazandjiev

Hello Artemiy:
Just wanted to say your latest batch of CDs totally rock! Am listening to DOWNLOAD THE GOD and it is just awesome! Your label is one of the brightest lights in the sky of modern music and I only wish I was a millionaire so I could get the word out even more.
If you're a websurfer and are reading this guestbook, buy the CDs on this label. They are unbelievable!
Gotta run and fix supper for Kathryn (she's teaching tonight), but wanted to say "Hi" and publically acknowledge the great work you're doing with Electroshock!
Stay as cool as you are!
Bill Binkelman ("Wind and Wire")

Hello there, my wife and I are huge fans of Artemiy Artemiev, we hope that things are going well for him, a friend of ours turned us on to his great music, we have most taped, but we would love to get in touch with him. We would love a signed photo so that we could add him to our web site of great musicians, we really enjoy his music a lot. Thanks so very much for your time.
please pass on our message to him for us.
Shane & May Beck

Mr. Artemiev,
I'm looking for CD's from "Music to N. Mikhalkhov's Films" and "Urga". I'm student from Slovak Republic and we have radio here for students. Please send me more info how should I get some CD's. Thank you.
Ondrej Krehel

Hello there,
Want to thank "Electroshock Records" for great music. Bought "Mysticism of Sound" & "Forgotten Themes" by Artemiy Artemiev and was amazed. Wow! Keep on going guys! LA is with you!!!
Sergio Corbeni

Several years ago I thought that Russia gave the world only four things: Vodka, Perestroyka, Glastnost and Matrioshka. Now I can add "Electroshock Records" to this list. Thank you friends! You are making a really great job. I have everything from your catalogue. Even five new CDs that You issued in November 2000. Now I'm waiting for 2001 releases. Thank you Artemiy. Thank you Peter. Thank you Phillip. Thank you Edward. Thank you Stanislav. Thank you Anatoly and thanks every artist from the greatest electroacoustic CD-series in the world "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music. Vol. I - VI".
Guenter Elits

Hi, Arty.
Fantastic CDs you sent...I love them all...I think they are the best and will be airing them on my site in coming experimental electroacoustic channels. Thanks again. I'm amping up reviews again, too after move to El Sobrante, CA up in hills outside of Berkeley. Hope you're well...and same mailing address as before.....Electroshock rules!
Dwight Loop

My name is Lorenzo Dorelli. I'm working for an Italian Encyclopedia of Cinema, that will be published by the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana; particularly, I attend to music for film, writing and supervising biographies of composers and articles related to this field of cinema. Actually I'm writing the biography of E. Artemyev and I need some information, that i didn't find in your Web Site. Can you help me? These are the questions:
1. Where and When (day) was he born?
2. When did he accomplished his academic musical education at the Moscow Conservatoire?
It would come in very useful for me to get free some Artemyev's CD collection distributed by your label (The Odyssey". Soundtrack. - 1998; "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music. Vol. IV. Synthesiser ANS. 1964-1971". Electronic Music. - 1999; "Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker". Soundtracks. - 1999; "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music. Vol. I". Electronic music. - 1997 ; "A Book of Impressions". Electronic & electroacoustic music - 2000; "Music to N. Mikhalkhov's Films". Sound track. - 1995). Is it possible? Thank you very much. With kind regards.
Lorenzo Dorelli

Greetings Artemiy,
Thanks for sending samples of your music. I look forward to playing some Electroshock Records over the FM airwaves here in Minnesota, USA.
Mark R. Thomas.

Artemiy you are great!!!! Keep on going man. Your music is fantastic! All music!!!! Especially "Point of Intersection" and "Mysticism of Sound".
Terry Bolanno.

Dear Artemiy,
I have just visited your site. Very, very nice. All the love from Belgium.
Danny Budts.

Look like a really good site I want information and lots of music...
jorge archila

You are the best. We love you music & we want you to know that you are the only modern Russian composer available (and who are well-known) in our 3 big CD-stores in Glasgow. Thank you for your music. Your "Cold" is really cool. We bought all your 6 solo CDs & 2 collaboration projects. Everything sounds great, especially your "Forgotten Themes" and "Mysticism of Sound". Your "Five Mystery Tales of Asia" - is a classical CD of ambient music. Stay well and keep on making good music.
Jane & Tom Winslow

Dear Artemiy:
Just sent off the entier pogus catalog to you via surface mail would love to get some electroshock things if you are up for trading - I am also starting to write some reviews etc for an on line (la Folia) magazine and may be able to get some reviews in there for you best
al margolis

You came highly recommended by Rudy Carerra. I look forward to checking out some of your music.

Thank you very much for creating this site!
Since my very childhood I heard Edward Artemyev music and did remember it for the whole my life. Although having favorite pieces in my home CD collection was impossible until this day. Now for, God Sake, this will be mine at last. Thank you for making the music of my heart.

Greetings from Knoxville, Tennessee in USA. Looking forward to hearing your music.
Dig, Jay Nations

Just a line from Edward's music lover!

Thank you very much for your brilliant music and for creation of such amazing thing as "Electroshock Records". I like and collected all your CDs and CDs of your great label. My special thanks for "Mysticism of Sound" and "Forgotten Themes". Long live "Electroshock Records". "Electroshock" is forever.
Hans Nilsen.

Dear Artemiy and "Electroshock Records"!
Just a short note to let you know how I love your CDs. I'm a real "Electroshock" music-love and fan of your music. Keep on making and producing good music.
With the very best wishes from Italy,
Laura Carbonari

Thank you very much for your sound-mysticism. You are a real magician. Your music helps my patients to cure from their diseases. I'm a doctor in Northern California and I'm very grateful to you for helping me with my work. I tried a lot of electronic music stuff but couldn't reach such positive effect as your music does on my patients. I bought all your CDs and waiting for your next solo and collaborative projects. Sincerely,
Sam Fisherman

Dear Artemij! Hi!
This is Vladimir Djambazov - a composer of electroacoustic music from Sofia, Bulgaria. I think, you remember our short correspondence some years ago. I just visited your site and -congratulations! I am proud that a composer from slavic country became that popular in the world!
Don't stop writing! Go ahead!
Friendly, Vladimir

Last week I heard a cut from "Dreams in Moving Spaces" played on the program, Music for a New Age, on the public radio station of Michigan State University. I was absolutely blown away by the cut which was as high energy and electric a music as I have ever heard. Trying to find a place to buy this CD. Keep up the awesome artistry!!
Alex Sagady
East Lansing, MI

Hi Artemiy;
The site becomes more and more amazing. Congratulations!
God willing, a visit to Moskva soon.
Rudy A. Carrera

hello Artemiy,
Just finished to read your home pages. it's great and very informative. wish you good luck in your east trip.

nice to have found a web site in Russia about electroacustic music. I'm an electroacustic composer from the south of France. I make some concerts in France and in others countries in Europe. I studied composition with Denis Dufour, member of the INA GRM and I show my creations next October in Paris. This autumn I'll do some projects in Kiev, Ukraine and I certainly will come to Moscow, and if you like we could contact each other.
With respect, Berangere Maximin, composer.

Dear Artemiy,
Finally on Internet...Happy with the communication for brotherhood of men. I hope you received my new CD. The editor asks me today to send a new master for an other CD. I feel good.
How was your trip in Mongolia?
Bless you
Geert Verbeke

Dear Artemiy,
Congratulations for your very interesting Web Site! Please send me news about your activity in English at my e-mail address. Please note that in the interview to Francesco Galante my name (as co-author of the book "Musica Espansa") is not correct. Nicola Sani and not Santi as written.
I would be happy to send you my last enhanced CD (with video section) including a three-electroacoustic composition cycle, entitled "Non tutte le isole hanno intorno il mare" and published by the Rara label ( Please, send me your post address and the name of the person to which I have to send the CD. Thank you very much and best wishes from Italy,
Nicola Sani

Dear Artemiy,
Thanks for your 'presence' in my musical life.
From Flanders with love.
Geert Verbeke

Hi there.
Neat site. But why no sound samples? Best from New York,

I'm happy to collaborate with you, Artemiy. 21st Century Music give you its support, as we hope you can support us in this fantastic electronic world.
From Italy with love,
Stefania Crezzoli
President "XXI Century Music"

I recently recieved an email from Artemiy Artemiev which had been forwarded to the 'SILENCE' [john cage] mailing list, in regards to the proposed electronic music festival in Petersburg for the coming summer.
Unfortunetly, the forwarded email did not contain an email by which I could reply to Mr. Artemiev. If someone could supply me with the appropriate address, it would be much appreciated!
josef kijewski

Just dropped by to see your site...Very Nice. Clear and easy to navigate...Good Job.
More Later, Renee from Toronto, Canada.

Hi Artemiy;
I like your site very much. I have saved the texts and will let my computer read them to me later. Thank you very much for being my friend too. I hope you and your family are healthy. I have 3 pet rabbits now and they are mostly fine.
Your electronic friend,
Bruce Atchison.
P.S. Shawn Pinchbeck liked the mail which I forwarded to him regarding the festival. He may be in Talin next june so it would be no problem to travel to the festival.

Hello from Barcelona !
This is Michel Huygen , a.k.a. Neuronium. Nice to see your site and see the big interest in electronic music in Russia !
Please, you are kindly invited to visit my site: .
My new European label will release very soon the new Constance Demby's album, my own new albums, and the brand new Suzanne Ciani's album.
Cosmic friendship,

Hello, I conduct a radio broadcast called "Mirage", in Rome.
"Mirage" is about electronic music and you can listen to it on the site every Friday at 11.30 p.m.
I'm a "21stcenturymusic" member.
Best regards
Carlo Camilloni

I wish you successes !

wow ! Russian electronic ! I live in the UK, any distributors here ?
Do You look into new demos, You might like mine ........
Alan Lewinski

Brat Moj!
God bless you and the family for a lovely and strong new year, and God take me to Russia so that we can have a bottle of good Scotch during the festival!
Also, so nice to see so many of my friends and contacts who posted on this site!
Rudy A Carrera

Dear Friends,
our filmgroup is on the process of finishing an experimental feature film and we are still looking for international musicians for experimental and electronical music for the soundtrack.
Musicians from Germany, UK, USA and Australia have agreed to join this project. The film is a collage out of found footage only, stolen images from TV, hired videos, amateurfilms and artvideos worked over with digital effects and manual destruction of the filmsurface. It is meant as a comment on the world of media and on the copyright discussion.
Since around a dozen of musicians are supposed to work on different parts of the Film there will be about 5 min for each...
I am sorry to say we cannot offer any money, but every musician involved has the right to use the film for own screenings and to keep the profits from them...
I don't know if you are interested to work under the conditions described above so I would be happy about a reply from you...
Kind regards from Germany
P.S. check out our website for more infos about us and our work!

A very informative site. Congratulations.
I would have liked to have seen a complete catalogue of your product - in both CD and Lp form - for reference.
Gregory Young

Wonderful site, great music. Yesterday bought your CDs and was amazed! You are the best!
Keep on going man. Waiting for your new releases.
Mario Kennachi

Dear "Electroshock Records"
You are the only Russian label I know that produce only good music. Artemiy is a great composer! I love him.
Kim Harrison

Congratulations with your good and informative site and may the festival be a great succes!
all the best,
Roderik de Man
please visit:

Dear Artemiy
Thank you very much for your great music and real "Mysticism of Sound".
Li Then Tao

Hello! My name is Paco and I'm from Spain. I make electronic music with a friend of mine, we called Vision Liquida. We would like to know if we could participate in the "Festival Electroshock" event in July. Can we send you a CD with our music?. If you want to know more about us, please visit in the "articulos" section: maquinarte 2001.
Also you can visit our web page
Thanks for your time.
Best regards.
Paco Butron.

Bravissimo for your web site !
We're a small electroacoustic studio in the french Alps (Annecy) : composers and students are very curious to discover your music.
I'll send some of our cd releases and we would be delighted to receive some of yours.
Come to our 11th Contemporary Music Festival "Concerts d'Hiver et d'Aujourd'hui" in november 2002.

Dear Artemiy,
I am sorry. I have technical problems. Cannot write or receive emails at the moment.
Just want to let you know that the CDs arrived safely yesterday. Thank you! Your music is a revelation.
I will write you as soon as my computer is back on track.
best wishes,
Clemens Williges

Dear Sirs,
many greetings from Berlin. I tried to find an e-mail of you (what seems to be a little difficult).
Maybe we can get in contact via this way?
With kind regards
Bernd Kistenmacher

Great website, and also a great initiative for the Russian people doing this E.M. Festival!
Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Dirk Nusink from the Netherlands.
Visit me at:

Dear Friends,
From your host in the Netherlands best regards and congratulations for the Festival!!!!!
Tim van Veen
Radio SLOR

Hello electroshock,
Just visited your amazing site. Great job. Keep on doing this.
A lot of greetings from Cologne/Germany and all the best wishes for your future work.

Several years ago, a friend gave me the double LP of Tarkovsky film music by Edward Artemiev on the Torso Kino Label. After the first few bars, I knew I would play all four sides without a pause.
It was so fresh, original and profound. Now I discovered this website by chance.
Is it possible to buy the Electroshock CDs directly in Petersburg? I'm in Petersburg quite often as my wife is from there. Is there any information on the ANS synthesizer available on the web? Does the instrument still exist? Is it true that Manuel Goettsching will perform during the next festival?
I think I will be in Petersburg this summer and would really like to hear him (and also the rest of the festival, of course). I will probably also give a concert in Petersburg - on the Sound Ways festival in November - but, alas, purely acoustical.
Markus Berzborn

Hi Artemiy:
Sorry that I couldn't get in touch with you before but I was in the middle of many trips to America and to my natal Argentina, where unfortunately my mother died 4 months ago. So I was late in sending you my dossier! I am afraid that now is too late for my participation in your wonderful, but in that case we could try for next year.
Anyway I am offering my contacts here for promoting your festival and please do not hesitate if you need some help from my side. I will released a double album with Anthony Phillips next month and I am rehearsing also with my group, including to ladies singing, in a very symphonic-cosmic approach.
Please keep in touch! All my best to you. Sincerely

This is an excellent site..
I'd like to stay in contact with you from Guatemala my site is about history and evolution of electronic and experimental music
Juan Morales

Dear folks, imaging me, grown up in western Germany, watching east german TV in my childhood. I strongly remember these "strange" electronic sounds in some of those old, in the Fifteeth and Sixtieth made soviet space films that where so much refreshing different from all US productions. I was faszinated!!
Keep on trucking
Harald Grosskopf

We are interesting in working together with you.
Subject NOVA-SPES, a German Electropop-group, which will being in Russia at the end of the year to giving some concerts in your country.
We would like to work together with you for these concerts and probably for recordings(?)
If you interested in working with us send us an email.
It would be very nice.

Hello from Vienna, Austria,
My name is Giselher Smekal. I am musician, composer, teacher at the Music University and journalist, mainly working for C1 - the cultural radio of ORF, the national public network. I do have two weekly radio shows, one on Jazz, the other on any contemporary music. - I found the programme of your festival very interesting, and I would like to do a broadcasting as a preview to "electroshock".
I will com to St. Peterburg very soon, because I will perform with my ensemble "REFORM ART UNIT" on Sat,27th of April in the Sergey Kuryokhin Festival.
I would appreciate to meet you in the daytime, or before leaving by train to Moscow on 28th in the afternoon. I'd like to record a little interview for the radio and internet pages of ORF - and learn more about your activities. Waiting for your answer. With best regards,
Prof.Giselher Smekal

I have a large flat 256m2 in Barcelona for sale !!!
Why tell you? Because I looked to see where you represent electroshock and you have nothing in Barcelona!
My flat has a perfect distribution to house as you walk in on the left a large spacious 80m2 room (now living room possible studio?) and the rest of the flat with living quarters (5 large rooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious 20m2 kitchen). It is a high flat 7th floor (lots of sunshine), there are 2 elevators (lifts), and there is no zoning (meaning there is a mix of businesses and housing in the building (20 flats total). It is in a very nice area of Barcelona.
If you would be interested in buying, let me know by writing to:
Cheers, Elenuska

Hi A. A.,
my names Gian Carlo alias SNOWBOY. I want to invite you all to visit my personal site to autopromove my electronic sound . some track 've been played on some Italian radio. I hope you like it. we are making a new big nation we the dead of the new generation
Gian Carlo

Dear Edward Artemiev,
I am looking for "Sergey" waltz from Michalkov's movie Urga (Under Volcanoes of Manchukuo). It is very emotional waltz for me. Unfortunately I am unsuccessful so far. Do you have this waltz for example in mp3 format? Or is it some CD with this waltz?
Kind Regards
Oliver Taltynov

We are interested in performing at your festival. Our musical group Djam Karet is an instrumental Jazz/Rock/Progressive/Electronic group from USA. We have 15 albums, and have been performing together for over 17 years; we are on the Cuneiform label. We are often compared to Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Last year we played at NearFest 2001, The Knitting Factory in New York City, headlined at ProgWest in California, and did a few other shows. Based in Southern California, Djam Karet's music has been reviewed in Rolling Stone (3 times), Billboard magazine, Guitar Player, Keyboard, Bass Player magazines, CD Review, and a lot of other magazines worldwide. We are interested in performing at your festival. Do you hire groups from America?
To what address, and to whom, should I send you a free promotional CD of our music? Write me back! Thanks,
Gayle Ellett/Djam Karet

We are a radio show from Monterrey, Mexico and we would like to give exposure to your music in these latitudes. We have a site please com by and visit it.
If interested, please contact by email.
Jesus "Chuy" Diaz

Dear Artemiy Artemiev!
Thank you for this wonderful looking upcoming festival! I wish I could become involved, but the Stockhausen courses are calling me back this year. I hope next year things will be different and I'll be able to attend. Good luck to you!
Rod Stasick

I have just come across your website and saw that you have a festival of new electro acoustic music. I was wondering who you program and how you go about programming. certain works. I have a work I have recently completed and was wondering if you would consider it for performance/diffussion.

I've just bought your CD Cold, and it sounds amazing.
I have read about the festival in St. Petersburg, and i would like to come. I have some practical questions considering the prize, and where to buy the tickets for the concerts and do I need to reserve seats???
Best regards
Mads Brauer

Hello, my name is Hector Gonzalez Molina.
I live in Canary Islands (Spain), beside West of North Africa. All my life I am very interesting about your music, and, which is my surprise when suddenly I found IT, YOUR MUSIC, I can't believe it.
I am always interested about Russian culture. When I saw the film SOLARIS I was 23 years old, and now I am 40 years old. Now I have the sense and the security there are many fundamental question about the human being condition are surrending your music and the THARKOVSKY message; like in any other great artistic creation.

Greetings Artemiy
I have just visited your home pages and its great and very amazing to see.
Congratulations and greetings from belgium.
Marcel Pallemaerts

Dear Artemiy,
I'm a professor of music and host a show on the University's radio, and I like very much the works of your father, they inspire a lot and I hope to inspire and teach my students from the music of Solaris, Stalker and Zerkalo. It's impossible to me to get that CD in Chile, could you send me a promo CD? I'm very interested in your work too, so if you want send me a promo CD of your own work too - I'm pretty sure it's at least great. Please e-mail me.
Gustavo Guzman

Dear Artemiy,
many congratulations for your Site! I just dropped in today and I see here a major interest in being updated about your activity. It will be interesting to have more information about your activity (maybe a contact through my e-mail).
I see also interesting for you to be informed about my recent CD "The Aforesaid" (col legno 20077; including five of my works for conventional instruments and electronics. I will be glad to send you a complimentary copy of it. Maybe we can find grounds for future collaboration. Thank you very much, best wishes,
Diego Minciacchi

Excuse for our Indian Phonetic English, we are a band from Argentina, working with sequencers, synthesizers, midi guitar, etc. Please visit our web site from or from USA:
Thank you for your time.

You know me. I'm just looking at the site, so I thought I'd say hello. Actually, I'm broadcasting my radio program at this very moment. Playing now is Anatoliy Pereslegin's E- Psalms 3.
Max Shea ("WMUA"/"Martian Gardens")

Dear Artemiy Artemiev:
Your festival looks great! Thinking I would not be able to attend, I did not yet submit anything for programming consideration. As it turns out, I will be able to be there from July 21-25. As a result, I would be very pleased if I am able to participate in any way---either by presenting a lecture or a work on a concert. I suspect that the program is now filled but wanted to contact you in the event that any change in program frees up a void that you would like to fill. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best as you prepare for this exciting festival.
with warmest regards,
Jon Christopher Nelson
President, Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US

Dear, It is good to see that EM is still alive and well! How about having a couple of concerts of my music next year in Petersburg?
visit my web site:
Walter Christian Rothe

Artemiy, it's always a great pleasure to play your fine music on the radioshow.
Ronald Boortman
host of Sound Soundings

My name is Dalibor and I"m a keyboard player from Croatia.
I have a project called Elrond and two demos "Until the end of time" and "World of formlessness". I'm searching for a label. One song from a first demo was on Ronald"s DVN Broadcasting Radio show last year and Ronald gave me your address. About my music. Elrond is combination of new age music from 70-ties, soundtrack stile and symphonic gothic music. I wonder, is there any possibilities to contact You and send You my demos ?
Thank You, and hope to hear from You soon !!!

Hi, my name is Daisuke from Japan. I would like to send my music to you guys, so I would like to know your mailing address if you don't mind.

This is very good!!! I love electro.

dear A.A.
Hear is Uzi from X FM of Montevideo, Uruguay.
After checking your label's website, I have been very curious about the music you create.
I remember the soundtrack your father made for Solaris and it's very interesting.
I wonder how can I get some of your new music and some other new musicians of your label (unknown here in Uruguay).
Thank you for advanced, and waiting your answer.

Greetings Artemiy!
I am currently 18 minutes into the Aural Innovations internet radio show (Ear12) featuring music from your label - and I am enjoying it emensly. I wish you all the best with the first festival in 2003. I very much hope to be there to experience some of this amazing music.
I would also like to participate with my band ANOMIE ( and will send our CDs in the near future.
In the meantime good luck and all the best
Stuart Barton
All the best

hello, I would like you to listen my music and to say me if it could interress you for your festival.
My adress thanx a lot

Hi Artemiy,
all the best to you and your work!
Elmar Schulte aka Solitaire

We want to attend the festival in 2003. How do we get tickets and make arrangements? I don't see a place to do it on this site --- did I miss something?

I am a friend of Kyle Gustafson and former music director with WSRI. I know intern at a booking agency and a record label. What's going on with the 1st electronic music Fest in Russia?
Paul Peterson

Hope to meet you next year at your Festival!
All the best and congratulations for your website.
If you want, you can visit mine at
Giorgio Colombo Taccani

I was looking for a way to obtain the soundtrack to "Burnt by the Sun." When I hear music from the film I am filled with a sense of peace Mr. Artemiev.
Oliver Jamison

dear artemiy artemiev:
I've noticed your website in May, and since then the announcement of the festival to be held in October's been ringing in my head. I would be very interested to offer you some of our electro-improvisers and electroacousticians for a festival, but the website has no contact address.
If you are interested for some of our musicians to participate in your festival, please send me a short notice about the possibilities, so we could make something going...
Vid Jeraj

Hi there!
I'm searching for Artemiev's soundtrack of SOLARIS & STALKER for years. now I just found ELECTROSHOCK while surfing the www. good people you are to release this fine music! but it's so damn hard to get it here in Germany. any chance for me to get the CD? it's unfortunately not in the CUE Records catalogue. I'd be delighted if you could help me.
By the way: maybe someone of you likes to lend an ear to my CD "die schostakowitsch-mission" on my website
I'd be glad to hear from you about the Artemiev CD.
warm regards
frank hensel

Some time ago I left a message in this guestbook about an experimental collaborative feature film. It is just finished and worldwide 18 electronical musicians worked on the soundtrack. Some contacts were made through this website. We just had the premier of "FAITES VOS JEUX", a timetravel in form of found-footage-filmcollage (stolen images only), audience and press was excited. Now (august 02) we are trying to get several film-prints to start a distribution and send the film to festivals and alternative cinemas worldwide. If anyone is interested or can help with contacts or in any other way, please contact us. Find out more about our film-group and this film project under: (

best regards for your festival and music. We're a duo Italian musician composers interested in all music research around augenmusik and visual music experimental settings. If you can be interested by our proposal you can contact us to
All the best

Hi Artemiy,
Just read about your site in HOS catalog (small world, huh?). What a great joy to find out there's someone evangelizing electronic music not only in the States or Europe, but also here in Russia. The site is awesome, one of the best I've seen among the electronic music sites out there, congrats. My best wishes to you and all the people at Electroshock. Please, keep up the good work.
All the best,
Andy Hardwake
Leader of the "DIGITAL Mechanics" Electronic New Age formation
Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Hello Artemiy,
I am interested in Russian classical and folk music. my favorite Russian composers are Shostokovich and Stravinsky. I enjoy your music too.
John Mittlesteadt.

I'a an editor of cultural-zine from eód? called "Prolog" and i'm preparing next number at this moment. I need your little help. Do you know something about this city, what have you heard about it? Could you send me your opinion? It doesn't need to be long or sophisticated. Just few words - what do you have in your head when you hear name: eÓD.
Than you very much and best wishes from Poland.
Grzegorz A

First would be to introduce me and my organization. My name is Alexandar Trajkovski. I'm from Macedonia. I have organization "Third Time", who to organize concerts and festivals. In December in Macedonian-Veles we have, Jazz festival. We would like to have some information for Artemiy Artemiev, or they menager, because we are interesting for advance in our country. Thanks from in front. We wait your answer.
Aleksandar Trajkovski

Hello. I don't speak very good English so sorry. Just asking how to command discs on your label? Are you distribute in France?
Thanks. bons baisers de France. Best regards. PACE ET SALUTE.
Franck Gleyzal

I would like to introduce Ellende, (dark-ambient-industrial-electronic) to you. Please click the mp3 link to listen to Ellende. If you are interested please let me know, and I will send you we have some projects that we would like to release. You will most probably receive 100's of these e-mails hassling you to listen, but I thought I anyway give it a try...

If it is possible to submit a proposal for a performance at your festival,
please send me mail.

Hallo everybody and congratulations for this web site. I'm an Italian electroacoustic composer and I drop these few lines to see if there's someone out there interested in playing music together. if you're interested visit my web page at and/or write me at
bye bye. Enrico.

Hi! Do you know if Electroshock ever took delivery of a EMS Synthi100 Electronic Music Synthesizer during the early 1970s? Thanks!

Hi, saw your link on the ambient labels on astreaux world and thought you may be interested in what we are doing. This is a really nice track that I think would work very well with your label called "from master wong." All the artist info is at under listen. The artist is a buddhist master and mixes all his tracks with buddhist mantras and female vocals. If you check out listen on our site and like any of the tracks you can e-mail me and are welcome to license any of them or sign the artist up. Thank you.
Charlie Pycraft

Hope to be part of the celebration of the 300 years of St. Petersburg with Electroshock.
See You,
Maxime de la Rochefoucauld

Hello AA
Dropping a line to be in touch, as I've been out of touch for so long.
Charles Kriel

Here Renaud from Zoopa Loop ezine. I have just discovered one of your tracks on the latest Space Rock show at Aural Innovations radio. I really liked it. Great stuff. Please keep me informed about your projects and upcoming releases. I will be very happy to spread the news through Zoopa Loop.
All the best,

I am one of your musical mates on the Aural Innovations Radio Show # 60. This is an offer to exchange our CDs directly. If your in fond or this idea, please drop me a line.
Best Regards,
Frank Gingeleit (track # 5)

By chance I found this site, it is really impressive!! THANK YOU!! I'm a great fan of Artemiev and his wonderful music! I want to thank all people who made possible that we could experience some of his masterpieces (fantastic music!) at a filmfestival in November in Germany. Thank You!!! Greetings from Germany...

I have followed the work of E. Artemiev for 30 years and have managed to get vinyl copies of "Siberiada", "Moods", "Ode", "Metamorphosis" & "Warmth of Earth", however I did have to visit Russia to buy them! But I now look forward to buying CD's of his work, and his son and others.
Thanks to Electroshock...
John Mandelberg

I am looking for the soundtrack of "Urga" (close to eden) to download the "Manchurian Waltz". Where can I find it ?? Thanks,

Very informative site. Best luck to you guys and I hope to meet you one day. Check my site
Cesar Villavicencio

Hi Artemiev, Are you interested to hear music from an English electronic composer ? I have now produced my second album called 'Dancing in the Desert' which is an instrumental mix of electronic, chill out, dance, pop and classical influences etc. It may not be experimental enough for you but I thought I'd find out first !!!
To find out more and listen to tracks you can visit my website and if you like I can also send you a copy of my album as well. Good website!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Richard Amos

Thanks for sending our radio station in LaGrande, Oregon USA (KEOL-FM) all your fine electro/exp/acoustic/ambient soundscapes! Thanks to people who do radio shows like Pushing The Envelope & The Loudspeaker In Your Freight Elevator and to people like Archie Paterson at Eurock for making me aware of Electroshock's excellent pioneering musical direction.
Jenny T.

I'm really shocked with your contents and design... In fact I'm investigating about all these and I am mixing this kind of music inside my Electroshock sessions (I will change the name in your honour).
Thank you too much... and Long Live Eduardo Polonio.
From Spain.

I'm Gregorio Bardini , an Italian composer. I realized 3 CDs and a lot with other musicians. About the activities of mine:
I send you materials for the festival. Is it possible to participate too? In which period of 2003 ?
For me it's really URGENT to know it because I have the possibility to ask money ( before the 31 January !) to autonome province of Bozen. I wait your answer .
All the best ,
Gregorio Bardini

Dear Mr. Artemiev
I am a composer who has both of Anatoly Pereslegin's CD's and would like to personally thank him for his fabulous work. I already have his e-mail address (many thanks to you), but is there any home or other address there in Russia to which I might send him a decorative card of appreciation?
Thanks very much. Hope it warms up over there for you soon!
Sherry Buskey

Dear people from Electroshck.
My name is Feel-X from the band REbRO from Florida, USA. I need information about how can we be able to distribute our new CD [REbRO - NAKED] through Electroshock. Our Cd is available for sale only through Internet so far. We would like to know is there is any possibility of working a deal with you guys. If you are interested in listening to a few samples of our music visit: Our Official Web page is: If you need Sample copies of the Cd let me know and I will send you a couple for your consideration. Thank you in advance.

Very interesting and well done site. Would be very nice if there were sound files to listen to at some point as well.
Kristine Danielson

Dear Artemiy,
"Electroshock Records" has become a very helpful source for my radio shows on "-1", the nationwide cultural broadcasting station of Austria.- After three shows last year I started 2002 with "Electronic Music of the World" with works of Galante, Nunez, Ruohomaki, Gleisberg, Fumarola and Jorge Antunes" in my show on Jan,3rd. - Next I will present from the archive tapes of synthesizer ANS pieces by Edward Artemiev, Gubaidulina, Denisov, Schnittke, Kallosh and Kreitchi on Friday, Feb,14th from 23.05 till 24h GMT. So you will imagine, that "Electroshock Records" is a real treasure to learn about electronic music from Russia and all over the world, of actual creativity, as in the connotation with history. So I wish you the best to continue this important work.
"Servus" from Vienna,
Giselher Smekal
ORF - Funkhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria, Europe.

Hiya Artemiy!
Hope you are well, I've misplaced your business card and hence lost your e-mail address.
I want to send you a CD of mine but don't seem to have a recent address. Can you help?
Hope you have now found strawberry tea in Moscow.
Matt Russell

Hi. I once saw from the TV a soviet document about the soviet army (probably made in the 80's or very early 90's). I liked very much of the ultracool techno music of the document. I'm wondering if somebody out there could inform me more about the soviet-era techno music.
Big thanks for the great site!
S. Puranen (

Hello, dear friend.
Very interesting and informative side - please keep me informed concerning workshops for contemporary and improvised music in Russia and cis. Probably, we could play together - some day - just let me know.
werner h. fischer - slow motion agency - Imatra/Finland

Hello, greetings to you all!
Hope to see you, either in Viitasaari or in St. Petersburg this year.
Take care, all the best,
Werner H. Fischer ("Slow Motion" agency), Imatra/Finland

Hi, I am a composer of electroacoustic and acoustic music from Colombia (South America). I have lived in the United States half of my life (around 24 yrs). I would like to know what is going on in Russia's electroacoustic world. Festivals and CD releases or calls for works for festivals or CDs releases. I wouldn't mind working in collaborations perhaps to create multimedia projects or other type of projects.
Best Wishes
Lucio Edilberto Cuellar

I'm a film maker in Los Angeles looking to get into contact with Phillip B. Klinger to use some of his material from Life-Sense Revoked in one of my new film projects. Can anyone out there help me track him down?
Hart D. Fisher

Record shop for avant-garde and electronic music in Tokyo, Japan.
I hope to get your CDs.

Dear Sirs,
My name is Czarek Gliszczynski, I live in Poland. I've just recorded two demonstration CDs. One of them contains film music, and the second one - electronic music. I'm looking for the company to publish this material. Please let me know, whether you're interested in "new faces". All music was created with Roland Fantom with only built-in effects, then recorded to CD-RW disk. If you are interested in that, please contact me via e-mail.
Thank you very much.
Best regards -
Czarek Gliszczyñski

Respect ot Zvezda Records SPB

Thanks for the connection to your world.
I explored the ANS on Electoacoustic Music Vol. IV & VI on my show "The Tunnel" - Fridays 10PM - 1AM PST located in Everett WA USA on - Have heard Morton Subotnik will be in LA in November. We hope to have visit live on the last Friday in November. Thank you again Artemiy!
Rob Emery

Hi Artemiy got your site from Geert Verbeke Belgium
Have a look/listen at my site
Godfried Stockmans

This message is addressed to Mr. Edward Artemiev or a person(s) close to him who can deliver this message to him or help me. I'm a fan of Edward Artemiev's Music and actually I'm searching for his original motion picture soundtrack of "Soleil trompeur  Burnt by the Sun" (Director Nikita Michalkov - Auvidis France / THREE T Production). Actually in my country (Greece) there is no way to find this soundtrack and actually is not available on the Internet shops (e.g.: I will be grateful if you could recommend the way that I can obtain (buy) this (CD) soundtrack.
Thank you in advance. My best regards
Georgios D. Kalantzis

Hallo Mr. Artemiy. Congratulation for our work and for your website. Portugal is a very poor country in electroacoustic music. all the best.

My name is Steini and you mention that there are over 368 big and 500 small electronic music events in the world, can you help me find out what all these are? I am currently creating a data base for the Icelandic music community and this would be a huge help.

Great to see the Russian power of elktroszene. Great stuff!!!
Look and hear something at:
Industrial Music/Agonoize

Thank you for your great music and for your excellent production of "Electroshock Records" label! You are heading the best recording label on our planet and I consider you not only one of the best serious musicians but one of the best music producers also.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Walter Kreig

Artemiy and all "Electroshock" stuff!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We all loving you and your beautiful label. Wish you luck, happiness, love and good music mood in 2004!
Diana De Berg

Merry Christmas to you guys!
You're doing damn good job! Please don't stop, go ahead. We're waiting for your new releases. Especially for Artemiy's new solo CD. It'll be his first solo CD for the past 4 years. I'm more than sure it'll be a masterpiece. I heard "Beyond Bounds of Reality" on the radio few days ago and you know what man IT'S DAMN GOOD THING!!!!
Trevor Dopner

Dear Artemiy and "Electroshock" people!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I love your music, I love your website and I love your label. Let me wish you more new releases in 2004, more good music, happiness, peace and love.
Love and kisses
Rachel Vega

Hi I'm from England and I'm a electronic artist. Can you send me your address to send demo's... I want to be on your label........

My name is Martha Abello and I am the lead singer from Perfect Dark, an electronic rock band that was founded in 1996, and though after some member changes it is active to this day. Its components are four guys and myself which together cover the most important parts of a band, with two guitars, a bass, a drummer and an electronic technician. For many years now we have been singing life in various places, as well as formed part of the opening act for a well known band here in Spain. And after such period of time we are now interested on the next step, but for that we need a producer... I am really interested in your company because it covers most of our needs. I found it through Google. If you are interested in our band, and you would like to know more about our future projects please write to me.
Thanks for your time
Martha Abello

Just read the texts in your site. I was amazed by your perception of electronic music.. Just matches my dreams and quests too. I am an electronic composer and wish to send you my demo to be part of your community. Could you send me the essential info?
Thank you!
Rovithis Emmanouel (mosQto)

Hello Artemiy,
I am a TV- and radio-producer from the north of Germany and I received some of your newest CDs today. Thank you very much! I am very impressed by the wonderful compositions and also by your highly informative website. We will be doing several shows with a special focus on your work. As we have a strong Russian community in Kiel in the north of Germany we will also invite some students and professors of music to combine knowledge about the music with information about Russia. All the best with your excellent work and I will write to you soon,

A big HELLO and Congratulations from the Netherlands. Great news that your fine releases are now available in Holland. Received your packet in good order and again, real fine tunes for the radio show.
All the best.
Ronald Boortman DVN Broadcasting Holland

Hi from Istanbul, Turkey. My name is Deniz Pinar.
I'm doing a radio show here in Istanbul, on lounge-space age pop called "The Elevator". I present conceptual audio-video performances at different venues like Godet, The Red Room, Dulcinea etc. At the last Istanbul Biennal, I was on the decks with DJ Leenus and performers from Sweden on a project called "People's Park". I'm a writer and content provider at "Yeni Muzik" and "Superonline-Music" web sites. Written articles on "Blaxploitation", "The Secret History of Electronic Music", "Space Age Pop-Exotica", "Moog and Analog Snythesizers", "Bossa Nova-Electronica", "DJs and Club Culture in Istanbul". Interviewed DJ Crush, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jazzanova, Jay Jay Johanson, Adam F, Christian McBride. I've contributed to an album called "Hava Narghile, 1966-1975", a Turkish obscure psychedelic compilation released by Dionysus Records in America. I'm working on an obscure album of Turkish lounge, easy and funky tracks compilation from 60's and 70's. Wishing to be released on a foreign label and probably remixes of the tracks coming afterwards. I may send you demo CDs of some amateur Turkish artists and groups if you're interested. Most of them experimenting Turkish music in a modern way. I would be pleased if you would send me any demo records or CDs of your label, so that I could use them on my radio show and at my DJ sets. Please let me know, If any of your artists or friends come and visit Istanbul. You're welcome for an alternative city tour and maybe staying at my place or my friends'. I may also find a cool place to perform for you. I may call myself a vinyl junkie. So, I held an exhibition on record fetish at Kargart Gallery, Istanbul. The motto of the exhibition was "Bad Taste". It was about Turkish record covers on the concepts: "Turkish Underground", "Belly Dance", "Turkish Kitsch", "Comedy", "Fairy tales", Turkish garage-beat-psychedelia and a room dedicated to the Turkish pop diva Ajda Pekkan. I would like to take the exhibition abroad very much. I'm also looking forward to present an audio-video performance abroad. I'm a fan of B-movies and a collector of movie posters. Especially the ones printed in Turkey with a different graphic image. If you're a fan of Blaxploitation, horror, kitch, camp, B-movies, science fiction, exploitation, monster movies, spy-Bond, Hong Kong movies and want Turkish posters for them, please let me know. I'll do my best to find the posters you need. I'm especially a fan of 60's and 70's Turkish B-movies. Did you know that there are Turkish versions of Star Trek, Star Wars, Exorcist, Dracula and Tarzan? I use some loops of them at my audio-visual performances. Please, visit my website including a top 10 of my DJ sets, some concepts of performances, and a strange records gallery (Sorry, this is just the beginning for the gallery, I'll add Turkish covers later on).
Here's a playlist of my radio show "The Elevator":

    - The cat (Lalo Schifrin)
    - I wanna be evil (Aertha Kitt)
    - Fantasy in orbit (Tom Dissevelt)
    - Mucho muchacho (Esquivel)
    - La cumparsa (Elsa Popping)
    - Devil-s witchcraft (Les Baxter)
    - The Avengers theme (Laurie Johnson)
    - Oppressione (Bruno Nicolai)
    - Christine (Miss X)
    - LSD (The Duke of Burlington)
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Deniz Pinar.

You are already aware of the "Qwartz Electronic Music Awards" that will take place in Paris. Some little changes have been done, they will now happen at the end of 2004.
Here's some news to keep you informed:
Last Tuesday night was held at the Triptyque in Paris the press conference followed by a night with ASTROBOTNIA (Rephlex). It was a real success, thanks to your enthusiasm and your support! Today, 400 independent labels of 20 countries have subscribed to the Qwartz. Therefore Qwartz will go beyond its initial European project for a world wide event.
Qwartz becomes :
"Qwartz, Electronic Music Awards". The handing over will take place by the end of 2004. The event is pushed back to the end of 2004, and the candidatures are opening on the productions 2003 - June 2004.
Concerning your label:
For precision, anyone who has their music published and edited (not necessarily commercialised) is eligible to the Qwartz for their productions made in 2003 up to June 2004. You can now register on line via the identification form. The selection of the prizes through a personal file is still under development. I'll let you know when it is ready. Also, the dead line for sending materials is deferred to June 19th 2004 and not in February, as it is mentioned in the site (update need to be done, sorry). We'll keep you informed as when to start sending us your materials.
One last thing: if your label registers its artists, those cannot register themselves individually because this would doubled data. It is important that the label along with their artists enrol together!
For information: Qwartz will be present at the MIDEM forum in Cannes. We will have a little reception on the electronic village (Allee 01, level -1), on 26th January at 18:15 PM. If you or your distributor happened to be there, please join us. We will be meeting electronic labels and world wide specialised press. Qwartz is a project for independent labels and artists .
All the best,
Alexis Courtin
Director Assistant // Labels PR

Dear Artemiy Artemiev,
I am interested in promoting your music on my specialist ambient/chill/electronic web radio station - Radio Tribulation. Please e-mail me and we can discuss things further.
Kevin (Trib) Salt

If I send you a completed master and pre-press files for the cover, and if you approve it for your label, what are your basic terms? Who pays for what and how are the revenues split? Thanks, just the basic info. please, while I consider where to submit.

I find your website and label ( by the Darker Than The Bat radioshow ( that play our songs, and I decide to contact you because I'm a french writer and composer in a band called SHED. We have auto produced our first album "Electronic Tales" in a electronic-pop style and we are looking for a label. I invite you to visit the new version of our website : We would like participating on the next Electroshock compilation, so where Can I send to you our first CD and some new demos ??

A great surprise to find a website from Russia that dedicates some big space to talk about an extraordinary artist like Edward Artemiev and, of course, his son Artemiy. I became a fan after I heard a cassette-tape of MOODS, an album I could only hunt thanks to the magic of the internet last year after a long time waiting. I not only want to congrat you for the interesting website but would also like to suggest you try to reissue MOODS on CD, first because I think the music quality and range covers a wide period of time with Artemiev's varied possibilities for the music for the small and big screen. Besides, this is such an obscure item I think many more people should find the chance to discover. Thank you for the great releases and hope you can let more and more people hear the fantastic music emerging from Russia all the time, since they days of my ever admired Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and...oh, well....they're so many!
All the best from
Santiago, CHILE
Christian Landaeta

I manage an internet radio station called Progressive Soundscapes. We focus a lot of our programming on the electronic ambient genre. Electroshock is simply doing some the most amazing work in today's industry. I'm proud to air their artist's music regularly on each and every show. To hear the works of Electroshock's artist, visit and check the schedule for air times.
John Garaguso. "Progressive Soundscapes"

Hi, Artemiy! My name is Mariusz. I know your records from Lucja Plawska form Poland. I like some of the things You do. What pleased me the most was "Archive Tapes of the ANS Synthesizer". I also make music with laptop and analog synthesizer. I was wondering whether You would like to listen to my records. If yes, I would be grateful to receive your address (home, office etc. so that I can send You a package).
Greetings. Mariusz Socha

Hi. here Diego from Spain and a Latvian friend discovered this label to me. I'm 23, and I'm starting to listen the early Soviet electronic music (I'm in love with concrete music, stockhausen, raymond scott, xenakis, and antique electronic stuff). I got Solaris from the great Tarkovsky time ago, but now I finally got the Artemiev's Soundtrack and I can't stop listening it. I also love a lot the "ELECTROSHOCK PRESENTS: - ELECTROACOUSTIC MUSIC VOL IV - ARCHIVE TAPES - SYNTHESISER ANS (1964-1971) - 1999" compilation, it's amazing good pioneer stuff in the vco's world and the sound of the ANS is totally beautiful for me. Some weeks ago I bought an Aelita Soviet synth, and I'm definitely surrender to the things you've got there. All my admiration and gratitude to that great works you release.
Finally, my software music instruments are quite inspired in the soviet instruments artwork:
Best Wishes

Hello. I found your site after watching "The Odyssey" again. Congratulations on the Emmy that it's no wonder you won! The music truly complemented and brought out more of the action and the emotions. The work is a wonderful experience. Thank you. Can you please recommend other recordings (including by other composers) like the music used in the romantic scenes with Circe (played by Bernadette Peters)

All the best

Tony Johnson

Hello AA !

I am originally from St-Petersburg but now live in London. I was study in SPB conservatoire, now started to compose electronic ambient music. I just wanted to say, i always loved music from Tarkovskiy films, but I didn't know anything about composer. I am so proud that Russian electronic music industry is continue to grow !!! I would like to listen to some samples of your music online, that would be great !

Marina Winter

Dear Artemiy,
Thanks for all the great music of all around the world. I will be pleased to broadcast it in Austrian nationwide radio OE1. The only thing I need, is to know something more about the album "Antarctica". Please, get me some information about it. Many thanks in advance,
Sincerely yours
Giselher from Vienna

Hello A. A. in Russia,
Just marvelous to listen to your music. I have been fascinated by electroacoustic music for years. This initiative of yours to publish it on internet is most praiseworthy. May the rest of the world follow in your footsteps. Please give me some more hints about Russian electronic music, CDs and alike. Best wishes from a 58 years old listener in Sweden.

Stephan Sundqvist

Good day (my birthday 5 April!) to you ARTEMIY! I am really enjoying this site to feel the Russian Artist Passion that you have brought to the internet. WOWEE, I will bring my husband to this site also! I have read the comments below and have enjoyed all of them. Vibe on in beautiful electronic music,

Diane P.Bria-Wharton

Hello Artemiy......your site navigates very well. Nice design. Looking forward to disaloguing over at PMS and etc and to future endeavors!

Kurt Michaels

Hey, I write electronic music in my studio on Long Island and think you'll be interested in hearing it. I also write classical pieces and all kinds of other things. If you could please send an address that I could send a demo to that would be great. Thank you for your time.

Joe Conte

I would like to send you some of my music, if you're interested. Could you e-mail me your post address?

Thanx, Frank Schwinn

hi there at Electroshock!
I'm interested in your items, but couldn't figure out where to order them. is there a list of currently available CDs, the Tarkovsky soundtracks and the Electroacoustic compilations are highly interesting to me, being a composer myself. Please send me some info.

Good luck.
Josef Linschinger

Ciao, I write electronic music in my studio in Italy and think you'll be interested in hearing it. If you could please send an address that I could send a demo to that would be great. Thank you for your time.

Roberto Galla

One of your titles "Point Of Intersection" is featured this week on the homepage of Oasis

Productions Ltd.

Best wishes from Poland for electronic musicians in Russia.

Adam Certamen Bownik

Hello, a review of your CD "Point of Intersection" is now online at Electronic Shadows. Feel free to tell all your friends and fans to jump to to read the review, along with other electronic music news and reviews.

Greetings from Glenn Folkvord
Cheif editor @ Electronic Shadows

I just updated my home page and ended up checking your site. Very good and informative! I'm looking forward hearing the CDs you sent to me! Hope we stay in touch!

Greetings from Austria
Frank Schwinn (

Hey! How you doing, my name is Mike and I have a krautrock/weird music club in Manchester UK and I would love to know if you have a mailing list for music n stuff
your mike djlordsitar

Hello! My name is Matteo Torcinovich, I'm writing from Venice, Italy. I'm 39 years old and it's 20 years I'm working with music, like DJ in some alternative clubs of Venice and now also in a independent radio with a program of international music, most alternative, noise, punk, industrial, electronic, indie and more. I'm interested to receive all kind of materials and news from your label.

Thank you very much
Matteo Torcinovich

Shalom to Edward,

Just wanted to inform you about a project related to your work. mystified and swamps up nostrils and seetyca joined forces for doing an alternative score to the Tarkovsky movie "Solaris". This way we pay credit to the work of Andrei Tarkovsky and even Edward Artemiev

Best wishes to you and Electroshock.

G'day from Adelaide, South Australia! Very nice and useful website.


Hi Electroshockers and especially Artemiy!
I am very impressed about your international guestbook! Great every time! I'm looking forward seeing you personal in spring! It will definitely be very interesting for me, and its a honour for me that you want to talk about releasing. I just got in contact with a duo in Poland (electronic music/visuals) called Palsecam, they are also very creative and original. I think there are a lot of great artists in eastern Europe and Russia. I have to come to Russia to check out some festivals I think! All the best, take care

Frank Schwinn

Dear Artemiy!
I still love and listen to most of your CDs and still do some broadcasting on Radio X. Hope you are doing well - keep up the good work.

Carsten "Mr. Ebu" Olbrich

Great site, keep up the good works. I also listen to the best Trance & Dance Internet radio from Europe. Stations like German DJ Radio, Afterhours DJs, C-Dance, Flaix FM, MQM Dance, Mix FM, Ministry of Sound and many more



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