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Born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1941. Studied percussion and theory of music at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. Attended composition classes with Kees van Baaren and worked in the electronic studio supervised by Dick Raaymakers. On completion of his studies was invited to join the staff of the Conservatory to teach theoretical subjects. Initiated an ongoing project for very young composers in 1992. Fulfills several functions in contemporary music organizations such as the Artistic Board of Donemus/MGN, "Near", boardmember of PEM (producers of electronic music). Was jury member of the Gaudeamus Composition Competition 2001 and several other competitions. In most cases the works he composes are requested and/or commissioned. These commissions were a. o. given by the Fund for the Creation of Music, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, N.P.S. (Dutch Radio), the Johan Wagenaar Foundation, Institut International de Musique Electro-acoustique de Bourges. Several works were selected by the ISCM World Music Days, in Norway 1991, Mexico 1993, Korea 1997, Rumania 1999. In many of his compositions one or more instruments are combined with an electronic tape realized in his own studio, a number of these works received prizes or honorable mentions. His repertoire of compositions covers a wide range, varying from music for gamelan orchestra, chamber music with and without electronic tape, music for big band, orchestral, vocal and choral pieces. Compositions by Roderik de Man have been performed a. o. in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Russia, Poland, Norway, Finland, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Canada and the United States. His composition "Vanishing Points" for organ & tape was performed during the Warschauer Herbst 2001. In July 2002 a commission by the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique was realized in their studios and performed in Bourges at their festival in 2003. Scores are published by Donemus/MGN, Netherlands. Many of his works are available on CD.

In the works of Roderik de Man electronics play a significant role. Although he divides his attention between purely instrumental and electronic works, he feels strongly attracted to the latter. The fascination of combining a live soloist or ensemble with an electronic counterpart is a great inspirational source to him. He always strives for an organic connection between the instrumental and electronically generated sounds, in the initial stage often inviting musicians to his studio to create a specific sample library for the new piece. In his view electronics can be used as a magnifying glass to discover hidden possibilities in the instrumental and/or vocal sounds and then as it were giving them back to the instruments as an equal counterpart. Many examples of this technique can be heard on the new CD issued by "Electroshock Records" label - Roderik de Man: "Electrified Music" - 2004 (ELCD 040) which presents purely electronic and electroacoustical compositions. Recent projects included "Music, when soft voices die", commissioned by the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges and "Mensa Secunda", a multi-media work for instruments, electronics, dance and videoprojections which will be premiered in March 2004.

Selected works

"Chordis Canam", for harpsichord & tape 1989 ( 2nd Prize Bourges)

CD Erasmus WVH141

"Dhawa Cendak", for Gamelan orchestra & tape 1994 (finalist Bourges)

CD Attacca Babel 9989DDD

"Gramvousa", for flute, bass clarinet, piano & tape 1995 (ISCM '97, finalist Bourges)

CD Attacca Babel 9989DDD and MGN double CD to be issued in 2004 performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

"Air to Air", for flute, bassethorn, trumpet & tape 1998 (MentionBourges, PrizeTorino Competition)

Electroshock, Electroacoustic Music Vol. VIII (2002 ELCD 026-027)

"Magnetic Fields", for orchestra and quadrophonic tape 1999

MGN double CD to be issued in 2004

"Auxochromes" for piano & CD 2001 (Mention Bourges)

Emergo Classics EC3905-2

"Sin Descanso" for recorders and CD, 2002 (finalist Bourges)

Electroshock CD "Roderik de Man Electrified Music" (2004 ELCD 040)

"Czar Peter's Creation" for tenor and CD 2003

Electroshock CD "Roderik de Man Electrified Music" (2004 ELCD 040)


Solo CDs


"Electrified Music" (Electroshock Records ELCD 040)


"Ecoute, ecout!" (Emergo Classics EC 3905-2)


"Five New Pieces" (Attaca Babel CD 9989 DDD)


"Visions" (Erasmus WVH141)

Selected Compilation CDs


"Electroacoustic Music. Vol. VII" (Electroshock Records ELCD 026/027)


"Electroacoustic Music from the Netherlands 2000" (Producers of electronic music PEM CD 1)


"A Lady Shaves her Legs" (Erasmus WVH072)

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