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"Yney" (means "hoar-frost") is the combination of three outstanding musicians -Jury Orlov, Igor Shaposhnikov and Andrew Kireev. All of them are so original by themselves that they are worth a story apart.

Jury Orlov

Jury Orlov (1964) - composer, musician, poet and animator appeared on Russian music scene in 1983 and immediately attracted everybody's attention with his first steps in the field of his career as a professional musician, as these steps had strongly pronounced avant-gardish character - participation in Andrew Suchilin's legendary session project "Do Major" (1984-85), co-operation with St. Petersburg's experimental rock-group "Jungle" (1984), collaboration works with "New Composers" and avant-garde sessions under the name "Nikolay Kopernik" together with musicians of "Do Major" and "Lunar Piero".

Nevertheless this brilliant avant-garde start was superseded by Jury's insuperable romantic mood which as a result had led to the creation of new neo-romantic project "Nikolay Kopernik". The entire generation of musicians played in this group during 80-s years of the past century - Oleg Andreev, Igor Len, Konstantin Smirnov, Dmitry Tcvetkov, Boris Raskolnifov, Pavel Hotin, Alexander Voronin, etc.

Also in 80-s in parallel with his active predominating musical activity in "Nikolay Kopernik" Orlov was engaged in experiments with "ambient music". "Notes of the Yeti" (1987) album is a brilliant example of composer's achievements in this genre of electronic music. Besides that Jury had time for collaboration with such groups as "Brothers in Mind", "Obermanekenen" and musician and composer Ivan Sokolovsky ("Night Prospect").

"Nikolay Kopernik" existed during 5 years period (1985-1990) and performed a lot as well in Russia and abroad. Last Jury's experiments in "Nikolay Kopernik" project had strongly pronounced hip-hop electronic character and it has presaged composer's new creative evolution in one of the first Russian "techno" musicians. Orlov together with his music partner Oleg Andreev created new project "F.I.O" for playing "experimental acid house and techno" music.

First acid wave of 1993 also raged with Jury's participation. He actively rotated in legendary "LS Dance" club during this moment of his life and developed Russian wave in "techno music". His early "techno" compositions were included to the first Russian "techno" compilations "Moscow Beats", "Techno Nations" and "Euphoria 10". Besides solo works Orlov actively co-operated with such coryphaeuses of Russian music scene as "FRUTIS" and duet "Block Four". As a vocalist he recorded a collaborated composition "Ah, It's a Pity" with a duet. This composition was included to "Block Four's" debut album "100 Lessons of a Photo".

"F.I.O." becomes entirely Jury's project after Andreev immigrated from Russia in 1994. He made a lot of extraordinary club concerts in different styles of modern electronic music from "acid-hardcore" to "psycho acoustic ambient" together with this project. During 1993-1995 Orlov co-operated with St. Petersburg's musician Michael Malin ("Fantom") and Silkin brothers ("Synthetic Cor", "X-Time"). Besides his main composer's activity Jury constructed his own recording studio where he collected analog synthesizers of first and second generation and newest digital studio equipment from leading western manufacturers.

In 1996 Jury Orlov created another music project "Cool Hand of Moscow". His collaboration with Konstantin Smirnov and Oleg Salkhov lead to series of recordings later published in compilation-CD "Trans-Siberian Express" (1997). Jury, Pavel Hotin (keyboards) and Ivan Sokolovsky (guitar) revived "Nikolay Kopernik" in 1999-2000. Together they made several concerts in Moscow clubs. Since 2000 Jury Orlov experiments in various fields of art connected with modern music: animation, scoring films ("Children of the Cast-iron Gods", "Antikiller-II", "As Though Not So"), writing music for computer games, Victor Pelevin's theatre play "Chapaev and Vacuum" and of course he combines studio and concert activity.

Selected discography

With "Yney"


Antarctina - (CD, Electroshock Records ELCD 041)

With "Nikolay Koperik"


Blinded from the Sun - (CD, BSA Records)


The Head in Space - (LP, Melodia)
Concert in Tirana - (CD, SNC Records)
Soup with a Cat - I - (CD, Anima Vox Records) - compilation CD - two compositions from "Concert in Tirana" are included to this particular CD

With "F.I.O" project
Compilation CDs


Trans-Siberian Express - (2CDs, Purple Legion Records)


TransPlanTanz'96 - (CD, Future Records/RDM)


Purple Legion Strikes Back - (CD, Purple Legion Records)


Euphoria-10 - (CD, RDM)


Techno Nation - (CD, Anima Vox Records)

Moscow Beats. Vol. I - (CD, Gogol Records/Moroz Records)

With "Cool Hand of Moscow", "The Tower of Dreams" and others:


Kazantip-teleportation - (CD/MC, Grant Records)


Outlook - (MC, Discocsid Records/Cosmos Records)


RED DeviL - (CD, promo-compilation CD of the company)

Igor Shaposhnikov

Igor Shaposhnikov (1960) - poet, musician, producer. Music became his passion since childhood, visited audio-library, was interested in authentic recordings. Listening of such (forbidden at that time) radio stations as "The Voice of America" and "BBC" defined his social position in musical orientation. In 1994 Igor formed his own group "Brothers in Mind".
"88 A" and "The Play of Blue Bulbs" were the first albums of the group released on MCs. These albums were recorded with the help of tape-loop technique and various acoustic and electronic instruments. In conditions of interdictions and persecutions on youth music in the Soviet Union "Brothers in Mind" (together with Vova Siniy) recorded and produced several MC albums that were distributed all over their native country.
Being a young and perspective engineer Igor refuses a permanent job of the employee in 1996 and decide to devote himself to music. He moved to the nearest countryside (Protvino place, not far from Moscow) and organized recording of new music material with the group "Discharges". At the same time he was working in Moscow with the musicians. Compositions were loaded with heavy drumming and guitars, however experiments with electronic and work with the space are still actual. The band plays at distinguished festivals of that time: Interkniga, Induki, Exotica, and plays live concerts together with associated collectives. He gets acquainted with Jury Orlov, who brought neo-romantic atmosphere into existing progressive music. Creative researches, together with different people bring to life several collectives: "Shpinglet", "Winter & Black Reason" (happy hardcore and electronic radicalism), "Spices of Fishes" (intellectual minimalism). Since 1991 compilations of electronic music of Russia are issued regularly, these included combined contemporary products, such as dance project "The Shakes".
In the 90's Igor Shaposhnikov becomes an ideologist and producer of a series of Russian electronic compilation albums under different labels. In a small room in "Mosfilm" movie studio he continues the recording work together with different musicians, as well as with People's Artists from Tuva, who perform vocal singing. Interest in experimental and ambient music lead to creation of a project named "Yney" as a symbol of nature's state, changing beauty. Concerts of the project "Yney" accompanied by a video art show (made by Roman Anikushin) and directed to opening and releasing the sources of pure energy concealed within everyone. Project collaborates with electronic festivals, trans-group "North", and is preparing a new material "Cybernetic" based on Viner's works. Release of the new album "Micro-Macro" on the "Electroshock Records", elegantly decorated with the bas guitar solo by Victor Shapovalov ("VFSix").
"Brothers in Mind" performs solo concerts around Moscow night clubs, they inspired a festival "Kraftwerk" based on cultural heritage of the same name German group in the Bunker club. Business relationship with association "Exotica" was successful because they specialized on issue of contemporary electronic music (series of compilation "Tell Tchaikovsky the News" and "Exotica VS The Beatles"). Since the mid 90's, Russian composer Andrew Kireev became constant member of all projects including "Yney" and chanson duet "Yauza".

Selected discography

With "Yney"


Antarctina - (CD, Electroshock Records ELCD 041)

With "Brothers in Mind"


Rock-co-co - (CD)


Live Happily- (CD)
Hocus-Pocus - (CD)


Albumich - (CD)


Convulsions/The Final Exit - (MC)


All Those Songs - (LP)


A Good one - (MC)


Brezhnev Beat Generation - (MC)


Vantomasovtshina - (MC)


Death in Erogenous Zone - (MC)


Can't Hold Back from Singing - (MC)


Khaly-Galy - (MC)


The Play of Blue Bulbs - (MC)
88 A - (MC)

Compilation CDs, produced by Igor Shaposhnikov


Drug*otsennost - 3 - (CD)


Look Under Christmas Tree (New Year Holiday Set) - (CD, Kuvircom)


It is Easy...(exposition of new achievements) - (CD, Kuvircom)
Drug*otsennost - 2 (Russian Trip-Hop, Electro) - (CD, CD-Land)


Take It Easy (domestic lounge, down tempo) - (CD, Naprolom)


Transplantanz - 3 (dance) - (CD, RDM)


TransSiberian Express (experimental psychedelic, trans, electro) - (2CDs, Purple Legion Records)
Transplantanz - 2 (dance) - (CD, RDM)


Purple Legions Flying High (московская андеграундовая сцена) - (CD, Purple Legion Records)
Transplantanz - 1 (дэнс) - (CD, RDM)


Purple Legions Strikes Back (Moscow electronic stage) - (CD, Purple Legion Records)


Mike's Songs (Covered songs of Michael Naumenko) - (LP, Russki Disk)


Ephoria-10 (experiments, electro-neo-rock, trans) - (CD, RDM)

Andrew Kireev

Andrew Kireev (1964) - composer, musician, sound producer, inventor. He graduated the Humanitarian Technical College in Komsomolsk-na-Amure. There he also received basic experience in featuring musical compositions and unusual stylish streams of contemporary music.
In 1976 he designed and built his first home made studio, to be able to record music with a presence of spectator at the moment of creation the audio material.
In 1978 he organized the band "The We" consisting of enthusiastic schoolmates to play at the school dance parties. This group later became one of the first music collectives in Russia, who applied re-mixing the popular dance hits, simplifying the structure of compositions down to one recognizable reef, playing cyclically with monotonous disco rhythm.
In 1982 he has become a member of band "Not Your Business". Using original elaborations he has changed the sound of the band, experimented in "New wave" style. As a result a sound of the group became as "psychedelic noise band", flowing into "Seattle Grange".
In 1986 together with Evgeniy Varaksin ("Not Your Business") he's initiate the project "Mister Military Machine" ("MMM"), which performed the most powerful guitar "trash" accompanied by primitive single-pattern "Roland" drum-machine.
1989 joint project of Roman Devoltovski (ex "Not Your Business") and Andrew Kireev - "KLEN (Klianus Lubit Ejo Naveki)" ("Swear to Love Her Forever"). This experimental-lyric digression caused the acquaintance with Igor Shaposhnikov ("Brothers in Mind"), Igor Gotsmanov, Alexey Borisov ("Nochnoi Prospect") and many other representatives of the progressive experimental Moscow scene.
At the present time Andrew writes music for the movies and theatre ("Nice to Meet You"- dir. I. Shavlak, "The Ordinary Days" - dir. S. Borchukov, "Remember, my Name is Rogozin" - dir. S. Borchukov, etc.), co-operates with music collectives ("North", "Alien Pat Hollman", "Winter", "F.R.U.I.T.S.", etc.), and also releases solo projects. He performs under artistic aliases Sheik and Kyr.

Participation in selected projects


- cooperation with music collectives "Brothers in Mind" and its side-projects: "Yney", "The Shakes", "Yauza", etc.


- co-operation with "Species of Fishes" - "Trip Trap", "Sainho Namchulak" - "Time Out".


- co-operation with "TU 104", "The Shakes", etc.


- co-operation with "Atomic Biscuit Orchestra", "Digital DJ's", etc.


- co-operation with "Sonic Ball".


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