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Phillip B. Klingler

Ambient Noise composer, Phillip B. Klingler, has had a long career in electronic/experimental music. Better known as PBK (the initials of his name), his soundwork has been released on many international record labels and he has performed concerts throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Over the last 18 years numerous collaborations have found him working with a dizzying array of well-known international sound artists such as Vidna Obmana, Asmus Tietchens, Christian Renou (Brume), Jarboe (Swans), Artificial Memory Trace, and many others. His co-projects with Artemiy Artemiev, "Dreams in Moving Space" and "A Moment of Infinity", both won critical praise as ambient/space-music masterpieces, receiving extensive radio airplay around the world and landing in the "Top 50 of the U.S. New Age charts". "Godsend magazine" said this about his music: "(an) exceptional modern composer whose raw, evocative sound manipulations are easily more interesting than better-known peers like the Hafler Trio. PBK's electronic sculpturings are organic in feel, both natural and synthetic, creating entirely new universes, with each track distinctive and personal." 2004 finds PBK continuing to create his challenging soundscape music with several releases planned, performing concerts in and around the Detroit area and working on soundtracks for various independent films.


Solo works


Flowers on Razorwire/Chance Meeting - (Soundtrack, DVD, dir. Hart D. Fisher)


The Mescaline Tracks - (MC, PBK Recordings)

Headmix - (MC, PBK Recordings)

Life-Sense Revoked - (CD, Lunhare Records)


Listening to the World Vibrate - (MC, PBK Recordings)

Shadows of Prophecy/in His Throes - (CD, ND Recordings)


Macrophage/Toil & the Reap - (CD, ND Recordings)
Domineer/Asesino/Retro - (3xLP Boxset, RRRecordings)
Narcosis - (MC, PBK Recordings)
Thrill Pictures - (2xMCs, PBK Recordings)
A Noise Supreme - (MC, PBK Recordings)


Die Brucke - (MC, PBK Recordings)
Asesino! - (MC, PBK Recordings)
Descent - (MC, PBK Recordings)
Poetry & Motion - (MC, PBK Recordings)

Collaboration Projects

With Zan Hoffman (& Guests):


You, me, Us & Them/Offer Freelove Tamper Functionaries - (CD)

Your Life Has Been Inferred for You - (CD)

With Artemiy Artemiev


A Moment of Infinity - (CD, Electroshock Records ELCD 022)


Dreams in Moving Space - (CD, Electroshock Records ELCD 014)

as "Mechapoet" with Kei Kunihiro:


Poet & Killer - (CD, Noriyin Creative House)

With Artificial Memory Trace (AMT):


Transphere. 1997-1999 - (CD, Erewhon Records)

with Hands To & AMK


System-Music-End - (CD, RRRecords)

With AMK


Shifts in Strategy - (MC, PBK Recordings)

With Vidna Obmana:


Memories Compiled - (Double CD, Projekt)


Depression & Ideal - (MC, PBK Recordings)


Monument of Empty Colours - (MC, Decade Collection)

With Asmus Tietchens:


Five Manifestos - (CD, Realization Records)

With Deaf Lions:


Shamanistic - (MC, PBK Reordings)

With Hands To


Melachoir - (MC, PBK Recordings)


Verfall - (MC, PBK Recordings)

With Minoy


Chansons Mystiques - (MC, PBK Recordings)
Cloisters - (MC, PBK Recordings)

With Minoy (as "Disco Splendor" project)


Heteroglossia - (MC, PBK Recordings)
Correct Music - (MC, PBK Recordings)
Mythology Live - (MC, PBK Recordings)

Compilation CDs


The Walls are Whispering - (CD, SABAM Records) - 1 Track - "Impulsion"
El Tafkeera/Re-Mixes in Remembrance of Muslimgauze - (Double CD) - 2 Tracks


Nonexistence, IEM #4 - (CD, Independent Electronic Music Magazine #4) - 1 Track - "Scan Lock"
Disco Disco - (CD, Hum) - 1 Track - "Origin Mode, v.2, Geomporhic Profile"

1999 - 2000

The Unquiet Grave - (CD, Cleopatra Records) - 1 Track
Zann - (CD, Silber Records) - 1 Track (as "Alchemia" project with Athan Maroulis)
Coalescence - (CD, Alien 8 Recordings) - 1 Track

1996 - 1998

The Carnival Within (Dead Can Dance Tribute) - (CD, Cleopatra Records) - 1 Track (with Jarboe)

1993 - 1995

The Passing Gods - (CD, Playloud) - 1 Track

1990 - 1992

As Yet Untitled - (CD, Realization Records)
Object 4 - (CD, Ladd Frith Records) - 1 Track

Website: http://pbksound.com


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