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"Karda Estra"

"Karda Estra" - is the name of a very interesting English music project supervised by the multiinstrumentalist, the composer and arranger Richard Wileman. Music of the group is vaguely similar to such not ordinary music project as, for example, "Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic". However "Karda Estra's" sounding is much more "darker" & from time to time the mood of the goup's sound is closer to some of Piero Milesi's works ("The Nuclear Observatory of Mr. Nanof" in particular). Also it is possible to lead parallels with such well known composers as Vangelis, Harold Budd, Daniel Biro and even Jerry Goldsmith. There are five people in the group: main man - Richard Wileman (classical, electric & bass guitars, keyboards, loops, samples, sound effects, acoustic drums & percussions), Iliesha Bailey (vocal, recorder), Caron Hansford (oboe, cor anglais, bassoon), Zoe King (flute, clarinet, saxes) and Rachel Larkins (violin, viola). It is necessary to note, that the group "Karda Estra" was formed right after disintegration of Wileman's first collective "Lives and Times". "Karda Estra" is not the unique musical project where Richard takes part. He successfully combines his everyday work in the group with scoring music to films and participation in collaboration projects with various musicians. As the results of one of such collaborations projects was the release of "Equilibrium" CD on "Electroshock Records" label in summer of 2002.



Voivode Dracula - (CD) - Spring 2004 release.


Constellations - (CD, Cyclops CYCL 130)


Eve - (CD, Cyclops CYCL 104)


Thirteen from Twenty First - (CD, No Image Records NICD13)


A Winter in Summertime - (CD, No Image Records NICD12)

Collaboration CDs

With Artemiy Artemiev


Equilibrium - (CD, Electroshock Records ELCD 031)

Richard Wileman with "Lives & Times"


There & Back Again Lane - (CD, Cyclops CYCL 029)


The Great Sad Happy Ending - (CD, SI Music Records SIMPLY 57)

Compilation CDs


Electroshock Presents: "Electroacoustic Music. Vol. V" - (CD, Electroshock Records ELCD 013) - 1 Track - "Autumn Cannibalism"
The Land of Ghosts - MP3.com

WEBSITE: http://www.kardaestra.co.uk


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