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  1. Hymn. 06:06.
  2. Doctrine of Wisdom. 03:30.
  3. The Catcher in the Rye. 05:01.
  4. White on White. 03:55.
  5. Track Through Ice Fields. 04:32.
  6. Raven’s Road. 05:14.
  7. Fire & I (Phoenix). 03:18.
  8. Skimen’. 03:39.
  9. Ahead & Up (For Those Who See Dreams). 05:41.


Total Time: 72:24.


All titles composed & arranged by “Orgia Pravednikov”
Lyrics by Sergey Kalugin

Sergey Kalugin - vocals, back vocals, acoustic guitar
Alexe Burkov - electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, percussions, keyboards, back vocals
Yuriy Ruslanov - flutes, keyboards, acoustic guitar, Jew’s harp, percussions, back vocals
Artemiy Bondarenko - bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussions, vocal on “Skimen’”, back vocals
Alexander Vetkhov - drums, percussions


Danila Mashkin - viola (“White on White” & “Raven’s Road”)
Anastasia Yakushina - violin (“White on White” & “Raven’s Road”)
Irina Vylegjanina - cello (“White on White”, “Track Through Ice Fields”, “Raven’s Road”, “Skimen’” & “Ahead & Up (For Those Who See Dreams)” )
Elena Yurkina - soprano (“Doctrine of Wisdom”, “The Catcher in the Rye” & “Ahead & Up (For Those Who See Dreams)”)
Narul Toykenov - tenor (“The Catcher in the Rye” & “Fire & I (Phoenix)”)
Alexander Mitkevich (from “Tintal”) - trumpet, flugelhorn (“Hymn”, “The Catcher in the Rye” & “Track Through Ice Fields”), back vocals (“Track Through Ice Fields”)
Yaroslav Volkovysskiy - trumpet (“Fire & I (Phoenix)”)
Alexey Pankratov - trombone (“Fire & I (Phoenix)”)
Sergey Lupol - alt sax (“Fire & I (Phoenix)”)
Sergey Lubavin (from “Kuvalda”) - vocals (“Doctrine of Wisdom”)
Andrew Ravin - percussions (“Skimen’” & “Ahead & Up (For Those Who See Dreams)”), acoustic guitar (“The Catcher in the Rye”)
Alexander Makarov-Melnikov (from “Korni Ozer”) - tambourine (“Raven’s Road”)


Engineered by Andrew Ravin
Mixed & Mastered by Yuriy Bogdanov
Artwork & layout by Alexander Utkin
Photos by Kirill Santalov
Produced by Artemiy Artemiev for “Electroshock Records”



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