Electroshock Records: Discography:  
Valery Siver & Kyrill Trepakov: “Music from the Russian Pages“ - 2010. (Electroshock Records ELCD 056)

1. Games of Time                             (on the motives of V. Tumo’s
                                                         manuscript “The Watchmaker”).       06:26.
2. Russian Troyka. Part I                (on the motives of N. Gogol’s
                                                        poem “The Dead Souls”).                  05:56.
3. Patterns                                         (on the motives of S. Yesenin’s
                                                        poems).                                          04:25.
4. Childhood in the USSR               (on the motives of S. Mikhalkov’s
                                                        works).                                            03:40.
5. Thin Ice                                         (on the motives of M, Gorky’s
                                                         novel “The Life of Klim Samgin”).      04:06.
6. The Fetters of Reality. Part I      (on the motives of B. Pasternak’s
                                                        novel “Doctor Zhivago”).                    04:51.
7. The Presentiment                         (on the motives of I. Bunin’s
                                                        novel “The Dark Lanes”).                  02:57.
8. Russian Troyka. Part II.                         (on the motives of N. Gogol’s
                                                        poem “The Dead Souls”).                  06:50.
9. Synesthesia                                   (on the motives of V. Nabokov’s
                                                        works).                                            02:54.
10. Fairy Tale                                   (on the motives of A. Pushkin’s
                                                        tales).                                              02:40.
11. Waves                                          (on the motives of A. Grin’s
                                                        works).                                            05:20.
12. The Fetters of Reality. Part II  (on the motives of B. Pasternak’s
                                                        novel “Doctor Zhivago”).                     08:00.

Total time:      58:23.

All music composed by Valery Siver
Arranged by Kyrill Trepakov
Valery Siver - guitar, piano
Kyrill Trepakov - electronics, keyboards, bass
Mastered by Vadim Volodin
Re-mastered by Artemiy Artemiev at “Electroshock Records” studio in February’10
Produced by Artemiy Artemiev & Valery Siver
Design by Ruslan Makarov



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