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Anatoly Pereslegin: "pASSION mODELS" (Synth. Fantasies for the Symphonic Orchestra) - 2004 (Electroshock Records ELCD 042)

   1. model#1: "mATTHEW". 08:19.

2-3. model#2: "mARK". 11:24.

4-5. model#3: "lUKE". 13:57.

6-7. model#4: "jOHN". 13:20.

8-9. model#5: "tHOMAS". 12:16.

Total time: 59:18.

All music composed, arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by Anatoly Pereslegin

Produced by Artemiy Artemiev

Mastered by Edward Antonenko at "Electroshock Records" studio in November'03.

Artwork & layout by Konstantin Galat

Real cello samples - Alexander Zagorinsky


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