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Electroshock Presents: "Electroacoustic Music. Vol. VII" - 2002. (Electroshock Records ELCD 026/027)

Disk - 1

1-3. Claire Laronde: "Les Particules de la Perception". (2001). Part I. 01:31, Part II. 01:46, Part III. 09:36. 13:03

4. Vidna Obmana: "In Memory of Morton Feldman" (2001). 11:30.

5. Geert Verbeke: "Old Peach Tree". (2000). 11:05.

6. Roderik De Man: "Air to Air. Part I". (2000). 08:35.

7. Rodrigo Sigal: "Tolerance". (2001). 11:22.

8. Robin Julian Heifetz: "Flashpoint". (1996). 08:28.

9. Lukazs Szalankiewicz: "Glodne Duchy". (2000). 04:35.

10. Michal Bukowski: "Sen Paranoika 28". (2000). 05:05.

Total time: 73:32.

Disk - 2

1-5. Jorge Antunes: "Historia de un Pueblo por Nacer o Carta Abierta a Vassili Vassilikos y Todos Los Pesimistas". (1969/70) Part I. 05:10, Part II. 04:54, Part III. 03:57, Part IV. 01:56.16:20.
"Vitraux MCMXCV". (1995). 19:24.

6. Jose Mataloni: "Tempo Dos". (2000). 08:50.

7. Oophoi: "Dissolving in the Void". (2000). 09:35.

8. Arie Shapira: "Gustl in Theresienstadt". (2000). 07:50.

9. Mirjam Tally: "Mythos. Part I". (2000). 06:04.

10. Eternal Wanderers: "Message from Space". (2001). 07:12.

Total time: 75:15.


When the Russian Electroshock label commissioned my participation for their compilation album of electroacoustic music, I found it an excellent opportunity to musically express my fascination for the music of Morton Feldman. With pre-recorded acoustic piano textures, electric guitar, natural feedback and a series of processors, I composed this piece which in a way represents and respects Morton's music to a degree but simultaneously offers a glance at what my own personal music stands for. Like Morton's compositions this piece is constructed around a strict combination of notes and movements mapped out according to Bach's canon method. Repeating cycles of sound interact with each other at various moments throughout the composition so that the collection of loops continues to shift and change pace.

Vidna Obmana


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